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    Acme Farmers Dairy Ltd.
    Ashby Bros. Dairy
    R.H. Ashby Dairy
    G.G. Avery
    H.H. Atkinson
    Balmoral Dairy
    Bawden's Dairy
    J. Benson
    Blantyre Dairy
    Brantford Dairy
    Brunswick Dairy
    Canadian Dairy
    Canadian Pacific
    Caulfield's Dairy Ltd.
    City Dairy Co. Limited
    E.S. Clarke
    Cloverdale Dairy
    Coleman Dairy
    J. Collins
    E. Conwath
    Cooksville Jersey Dairy
    Credit Valley Dairy
    Credit View Dairy
    Deer Park Dairy
    Dunlop Dairy
    Eastern Dairy
    Ellesmere Dairy
    Elm Farm Dairy
    Fairbank Dairy
    Fairglen Dairy Limited
    Ford Dairy
    Fredonia Dairy
    Glen Allen Dairy
    Glendale Dairy
    Gough's Dairy
    Hatherleigh Dairy
    Hillside Dairy
    The Hygienic Dairy
    Jersey Island Dairy
    Lakeshore Dairy
    Langham Farm Dairy
    Leaside Dairy
    A. Lebofski
    Midland Dairy
    Mississauga Dairy
    M.S. & G.B.
    J. Nesbitt & Sons
    Osgoode Dairy
    Ottawa Dairy
    Pickering Dairy
    Pine Grove Dairy
    Port Credit Dairy
    S. Price & Sons
    Producers & Consumers Dairy
    Prouse's Silvercrest Dairy
    Ravenswood Dairy
    Regent's Park Dairy
    E. Rice & Son
    Rockcliffe Dairy
    Rose Cream Dairy
    Toronto Dairy Co.
    Union Consumers Associated Ltd.
    Vita-Milk Dairy
    Waverley Dairy
    Weston Dairy
    Wheat Sheaf Dairy
    A. Wiseman
    Yale Dairy
    Yorkville Dairy
    British American Brewing Co.
    A.F. Mcvean
    A.R.G. Peden
    Taylor & Bate
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