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    Anderson's Dairy
    The Andrew Dairy
    Arthur Dairy
    Avondale Dairy
    Avondale Dairy Ltd.
    Aylmer Dairy
    Bacon's Dairy
    Beaton's Dairy Products Limited
    Bingham's Dairy
    Bonnie Bank Dairy
    Brant Co-op Dairy
    Brittain's Dairy
    Caswell Dairy
    Chalburn Dairy
    City Dairy Co. Ltd.
    City Dairy Company Limited
    Clancey's Dairy
    Crystal Dairy (Delhi)
    Crystal Dairy (Galt)
    Delhi Sanitary Dairy
    Dover Dairy
    Downhamdale Dairy
    Dunnville Dairy
    Durham Dairy
    Elmvale Dairy
    The Fairfield Modern Dairy Limited
    Galt Dairy Co.
    Glen Rae Dairy
    Glover's Dairy
    Grasmere Dairy
    Hamilton Co-op Creameries
    Harmer's Victoria Dairy
    Hazel Bank Farm Dairy
    Hewitt's Dairy
    Hickory Grove Dairy
    Hoover's Dairy
    Hunter's Jersey Dairy
    Irving's Dairy
    K.F.O. Dairy
    Keewadin Dairy
    Kitwat Jersey Dairy
    Lakeside Dairy
    Lambton-Kent Creameries (Petrolia)
    Lambton-Kent Creameries (Wallaceburg)
    Linkside Dairy
    Maple Dairy
    Maple Leaf Dairy (Preston)
    Maple Leaf Dairy (Waterford)
    Maple Lodge Dairy
    Maple Shade Dairy
    Marshall Dairy Limited
    Mason's Dairy
    McMahon Dairy
    McManus & Son Dairy
    MacNicoll's Dairy Ltd.
    Mount Hamilton Dairy
    Myslicki Dairy
    Newcastle Dairy
    Olive Farm Dairy
    Orr's Dairy
    Otter Dairy
    Oxford Dairy Ltd.
    Paris Creamery Ltd.
    Parry Sound Dairy
    Pine Grove Dairy (Scotland)
    Pine Grove Dairy (Waterford)
    Port Rowan Dairy
    Pott's Bros. Dairy
    Preston Dairies
    Prince Edward Dairies
    Purity Products
    Richmond Dairy
    Riverview Dairy
    Robb's Dairy
    Rosehill Dairy
    Roselawn Dairy
    Rosemount Farms Dairy
    Royal Dairy
    Sanlac Dairy
    Scott's Dairy
    Simcoe Sanitary Dairy
    Smith's Dairy (Havelock)
    Smith's Dairy (Wingham)
    Spring Valley Farm Dairy
    Springbank Dairy
    St. Thomas City Dairy
    Star Dairy
    Summer's Dairy
    Sunny Hill Dairy
    Sunshine Dairy
    Terrace Hill Dairy
    Tervit's Model Dairy
    Twin Pines Dairy
    United Dairies Limited
    Valley City Dairy
    Walmuir Dairy
    Watford Dairy
    West End Dairy
    William Martin