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Laurence's son Joe with Silverwood's Cream Top!
    Avon Dairies
    Central Dairy Ltd.
    Coronation Dairy / Creamery
    Crystal Dairy
    Drayton Dairy
    Finnegan's Dairy
    Hearn's Dairy
    Hooper Bros.
    Jersey Dairy
    Listowel Dairy
    Maple Leaf Dairy
    Melroy Dairy
    Mitchell Creamery
    Mount Bernard Farms Limited
    Palmerston Dairy
    Parkview Creamery
    Purity Dairy
    Richmond Dairy
    Robb's Dairy
    Robleen Farm Dairy
    Rowe Dairies Ltd.
    Herb Sparling's Dairy
    St. Jacobs Dairy
    Stillman's Creamery Limited
    St. Mary's Creamery
    Tavistock Dairy
    Terrace Hill Dairy Limited
    United Dairies
    Wake's Dairy
    Willow Grove Creamery