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Some of Paul's collection!
    Acton Jersey Dairy
    Addy's Dairy
    Alliston Creamery & Dairy
    Aurora Dairy
    Beaton's Dairy Products Ltd.
    Bell's Scarboro Dairy
    Bird's Hill Dairy Products
    Birtch's Dairy
    Blantyre Dairy
    Bolton Dairy
    Brampton Dairy
    Briar Hill Dairy
    Burkhardt's Dairy
    Canada Dairies Ltd.
    Caulfield's Dairy Ltd.
    Cedarvale Dairy
    Central Dairy Ltd.
    City Dairy Co. Ltd.
    Clark's Dairy Ltd.
    Cloverdale Farms Dairy
    Cobourg City Dairy
    Coles Dairy
    Credit View Dairy
    Crown Dairy
    Croxall Dairy
    Crystal Dairy
    Darlington Farm Dairy
    Dicy's Dairy
    Dixon Dairy
    Dockeray's Dairy Ltd.
    Downhamdale Dairy
    Dunnville Dairy
    Erin Dairy
    Etherington's Dairy
    Etobicoke Ayrshire Dairy
    Evenholme Dairy
    Federal Ice Cream Co.
    Flowerlea Dairy
    Glen Rae Dairy
    Gold Star Dairy
    Grimsby Dairy
    Grove Side Dairy Limited
    Hamilton Co-op Creameries
    Laiterie Hearst Dairy
    Hemlock Park Dairy Limited
    T. Hill & Sons
    Hillcrest Dairy
    Hoover's Dairy
    Ingersoll Dairy
    Jersey Island Dairy
    Kawartha Dairy
    Kinnettles Dairy
    Kipling Farms Dairy
    Kitwat Jersey Dairy
    La Beaute Dairy
    Lakeside Dairy
    Lakeside Jersey Dairy
    Lambton-Kent Creameries
    Lambton Mills Dairy
    Langham Farm Dairy
    Lorne Park Dairy
    Marigold Dairies Ltd.
    Marr's Pure Milk Dairy
    Midland Dairies Limited
    Millard Avenue Dairy
    Modern Dairy
    Mount Hamilton Dairy
    Niagara United Dairies Ltd.
    Norway Dairy
    Orangeville Dairy
    Orangeville Dairy
    Parry Sound Dairy
    Pattersons Dairy
    Pollard's Dairy
    Port Hope City Dairy
    Producers Dairy
    Producers Dairy Limited
    S. Price & Sons
    Prouse's Silvercrest Dairy
    Pure Milk Co.
    Purity Dairy
    Riverside Farm Dairy
    Riverview Dairy
    Rosebay Dairy
    Rosedale Dairy
    Roselawn Farms Dairy Ltd.
    Rosemount Farms Dairy
    Royal Oak Dairy Limited
    Sanlac Dairy
    Silverbrook Ayrshire Dairy
    Silverthorn Dairy
    Silverwood's Dairy
    Smith Falls Dairy
    Sobye's Dairy
    St. Kitts D.B.A.
    Steen's Dairy
    Stillman's Creameries Ltd.
    Sutton Dairy
    Swiss Dairies Ltd.
    M. Taichman
    Taylor's Dairy
    Toronto Dairies Ltd.
    Toronto Hebrew Association
    Toronto Heights Dairy
    United Dairies Limited
    Usprich Dairy
    Walkerton Dairy
    Ward's Dairy
    Watson Dairy
    Williard's Creamery
    Woodbridge Dairy
    Wrights Creamery
    Wychwood Park Dairy
    XLNT Dairy