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    Acme Specialty
    Alexandria Bottling Works
    America Dry Co.
    American Bottling Works / S.V. Horne Beverages
    Arctic Drink Mfg. Company
    Big 4 Line
    Blue Crown Beverages
    Boudreau Bottling Co.
    Breckles Beverages
    Burke's Beverages
    Clare Beverage Co.
    Clearwater Beverage Co.
    Cold Spring Beverages
    Corona Soft Drink Co. Ltd.
    Credit Valley Bottling Works
    Crown Beverages
    Currie & Hassett
    Romeo Desroches & Fils
    Dominion Bottling Works
    Dominion Soda Water Co.
    Eskimo Bottling Works
    The R.S. Fisher Bottling Works
    Fort William Bottling Works
    F.X. Gagne
    Gaden's Aerated Water Works Ltd.
    Halifax Beverages
    Hamilton Beverages
    J.M. Hess & Sons
    Kik Beverages
    Kist Canada
    Kitchener Beverages
    Kuntz Beverages
    Mammy Beverage Co.
    Maple Leaf Bottling Co.
    Mountain Dew
    National Dry Limited
    National Wishing Well
    Northern Springs Beverages
    Orange Crush
    Orange Dandy Co. Ltd.
    Penetang Bottling Company
    Punch Dry Company
    Riverdale Beverages
    Alex Robertson Co.
    Rock & Rye Beverages
    Royal Beverages
    Simcoe Beverages Ltd.
    Sky-Hy Beverages
    Snell Bottling Works
    St. Kitt's Bottling Works
    Star Beverage Co.
    Star Bottling Works
    E.H. Stimson & Co.
    Stubby Co.
    Sunnyside Dry Ginger Ale Co.
    Alfred Tune Ltd.
    Tweedies Beverages
    United Bottlers
    Whipper's Beverages
    Whistle Co. of Eastern Canada Ltd.
    Al Wright
    Zero Bottling Works
Dairy Collection
    Acme Farmers Dairy Limited
    Acton Jersey Dairy
    Mark Ayres Dairy
    Bala Bros. Dairy
    Baxter's Dairy
    Belldaire Milk Products Limited
    Bellevue Park Farm Dairy
    Benstead's Jersey Dairy
    Bird's Hill Dairy Products
    Blenheim Dairy
    Bobmar Dairies Limited
    Bracebridge Dairy
    Brooklands Dairy
    Brown's Belvoir Dairy
    Bruce Dairy Products
    Burford Dairy
    Campbell's Dairy Products
    Caswell Dairy
    Cedar Hill Dairy
    Central Dairy Limited
    Chesley Dairy
    Clark Dairy Limited
    Coghill's Dairy
    Countryside Quality Dairies
    Cousins Dairy Company
    Crocker's Jersey Dairy
    Downhamdale Dairy
    Dresden Dairy
    Dundalk Dairy
    Durward's Dairy
    East Side Dairy
    Espanola Dairy
    Essex Dairy
    Exeter Dairy
    The Fairfield Modern Dairy Limited
    Fairholme Dairy
    Fairmont Dairy
    Federal Ice Cream Company
    Fisher's Dairy
    Fort Erie Dairy
    Fowler's Dairy
    Foxton Dairy
    Gillespies Dairy
    Glengarry Dairy
    Glover's City Dairy
    Glover's Dairy
    Guelph City Dairy
    Hamilton Co-op Creameries
    Harmer's Victoria Dairy
    Harris Dairy
    Hemlock Park Dairy Limited
    Henderson Dairy
    Hickory Grove Dairy
    Highland Dairy
    Hillcrest Dairy
    Hillsdale Dairy
    Hooper Bros.
  Hostetler Dairy
    Ideal Dairy Ltd.
    Jersey Dairy
    Johnson-Hill Dairy
    Kent Dairy Limited
    Kincardine Dairy
    Kingsville Dairy
    La Salle Dairy
    Lifloc Dairy Farms
    Lindfors Dairy
    Listowel Dairy
    London City Dairies
    London Pure Milk Company Limited
    Lornehurst Dairy
    Maple Crest Dairy
    Maple Dairy
    Maple Leaf Dairy, Preston
    Maple Leaf Dairy, Ridgetown
    Maple Leaf Dairy, West Lorne
    W.H. Marks
    Mason's Dairy
    McGregor's Dairy
    Model Dairy
    Mount Bernard Farms
    Murch Bros. Dairy
    Neustadt Dairy
    Oakville Dairy
    Oil Springs Dairy
    Orillia Dairy Company
    Otter Dairy
    Oxford Dairy Limited
    Palm Dairies Limited
    Pine Croft Dairy
    Pleasant Hill Dairy
    Price's Dairy
    Prince Edward Dairies
    Producers and Consumers Dairy
    Producers Dairy
    Purity Dairy
    Re-Echo Dairy
    Ridealgh Dairy
    Rideau View Dairy
    Riordan's Dairy
    Riverside Dairy Products
    Riverview Dairy
    Robb's Dairy
    Royal Dairy
    Rutherford's Dairy
    Sarnia City Dairy
    Saul's Dairy
    Scarboro Farm Dairy
    Scott's Dairy
    Silver Creek Dairy
    Silverthorn Dairy
    Silverwood's Dairies Ltd., London
    Silverwood's Dairies Ltd., Sarnia
    Smith Bros. Dairy
    Smith's Farm Dairy
    Snider's Dairy
    Spencer's Quality Dairy
    J. Srigley & Son
    St. Thomas City Dairy
    Stillman's Creameries Limited
    Stoney Creek Dairy
    Sunny Hill Dairy
    Sunnybrook Dairy
    Sunrise Dairy
    Sydenham Dairy
    Terrace Hill Dairy
    Tervit's Model Dairy
    Toronto Dairies Limited
    United Dairies Limited
    Vale's Dairy
    Vineland Dairy
    Vita-Milk Dairy
    Warden's Dairy
    Watford Dairy
    Wheatley Dairy
    White Oak Farm Dairy
    Wilson's Dairy Limited
    Woodhall's Dairy Limited
    Wyoming Dairy
    Zurich Dairy