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Welcome to Ontario Dairies - Bienvenue aux laiteries de l'Ontario

Welcome to the newly renovated 2018 Ontario Dairies website. The update includes cosmetic and functional improvements that will continue to make your visit enjoyable.

What Has Changed?

Viewing pages from navigation - pages will now open in a new window instead of a frame, this allows you to scroll through the image gallery and not click on each individual image. Close window to return to previous page.

Ontario Dairies is now searchable - information from contributions has been included to make finding your dairy easier.

Viewing pages from search results - I have revised the links so they open in a new window, the same as navigation links.

Updates - will now be displayed with images in the column to the left.

Dairy Exchange - this has been removed, if you need to list your sale/trade/want items you can post on Robert Benoit's Ontario Dairy Collectibles.

Collectors Showcase - all dairy showcase items will now be available in Ontario Dairies only. I will be updating the showcase pages

You can still access the old Ontario Dairies Forum at (for information only, not maintained).

Ontario Dairies

Since 2007 Ontario Dairies has been showcasing your images and has grown to now include a substantial history of the provinces dairy industry. With the continued assistance of dairy collectors and contributors from across the country and beyond, Ontario Dairies is moving closer to the original goal of one image for every dairy that operated in Ontario. I am looking for any dairy related images including; bottles, caps, advertising, go-withs, people, dairy operations etc. If you are interested in contributing your images please contact me through the link at the top of the page.

Contributing Your Images

I am looking for good quality photographs / scans. Please make sure that the photographs / scans are yours that your have taken yourself. If you have saved Ebay images, copies of copyrighted material or any web images from other sites, please do not submit them. The larger the image or file, the better and easier it is to work with. Please photograph or scan items individually as this also saves me time (group photos of bottles and other items is not recommended) and allows for a better end result. It is best to send me a couple of samples to confirm quality and size prior to sending multiple images or a whole collection. All images you contribute remain your property and will not be used for any other purpose without your prior consent. Any request for image use will be forwarded to the contributor for permission. One last thing, please be patient. Once you have sent me your images I will usually post some right away. The rest I will post over a period of time that depending on how many photos you have sent. At any time I have many contributors and try my best to evenly distribute the posting of everyone's images. If you have sent a substantial amount of images, don't worry I will eventually get to posting all your images. Lastly, thanks for helping grow Ontario Dairies.

Thanks to all the Contributors

Cliff Stunden - Paul Huntley - Laurence Graff - Tim Maitland - Jim Maitland - Cliff MacMinn - John Knight - David Moncrief - Steve Lussier - Darryl Rice - John Calder - Jack McCallum - Carol Murphy - Arthur McDermott - Murray Sweetman - John Knight Sr. - Victor Sharman - Rick Boerner - Pat Louch - Jacques Fauvelle - David Menard - Steve Soltys - Maureen McKillican - Robert Klages - George Miller - Art Toy - Andrew Garland - Russell Hunsperger - Jim Winton - Steve Peters - Jamie McDougall - Richard Avery - Tammy Frakking, Maurice Corfield Collection - Doug Bayliss - Mike Tazzeo - Maurice Kenny - Richard M. - Ace - Danny Currie - Jim Butler - Ron & Enola Kelly - Vay Jonynas - Kert Wrigley - Terry Ellsworth - Steve Moreland - Steve Forten - Sean Murphy - Alice Bennett - Somerville Family - Doug Ford - Barb Tatler - Lynn Weller - Jim Janssen - Joy Lynch - Doug Imrie - Dennis Bender - Kirk Ralph - Ed Jarvis - Brad Schneller - Ron & Marie Hoogkamp - Bill Clifford - Stephen Oatway - Carl Waun - Royden Richardson - Robert Benoit - P. Silver - Matthew Gill - Mike Koeniger - Alison Mitchell-Reid - Jamie Pole - Patrick Morrison - Richard Dobing - Rejean and Brenda Benoit & everyone who wished to remain anonymous.

Your Webmaster

I started collecting in the early 1990's finding 1930's-60's sodas and milks. I have always had a preference for embossed milk bottles probably because I could dig them quite easily. The early days of dump digging rewarded me with many local dairy bottles plus a selection from all parts of the province and beyond. I know there are many collectors who prefer the pyro (ACL, silk-screened) bottles and I can see the reasons why; the great graphics, war slogans, various colours make them wonderful to collect especially when you have a whole wall of them displayed. Then you have all the milk caps, calendars, and other go-withs which just add so much more to a collection. It is a great learning experience for me to showcase your images and I will continue to do my best in presenting dairy related items from collections across the country.


I have added RSS feed on this page for the site updates. If you have a RSS feed reader you can search this page for the feed and subscribe. If you would like to receive email notification of when Ontario Dairies is updated just email me at (no message needed, just click and send).

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